The Pros and Cons of Using a 64 oz Water Bottle

64 Oz Water Bottle

It is important to stay hydrated properly when you are hiking, mountain biking, or engaging in any other active hobby or sport so the 64 oz. water bottle may just become your best piece of gear. The vast majority of water bottles offered for everyone from campers to cyclists are much smaller than half a gallon. This is because they need to be portable, easy to hold, yet still hold enough water to keep the user healthy and comfortable.

Should You Use a 64 Oz. Water Bottle?

Pros: A 64 oz. water bottle definitely carries enough water for one or more people. If a family or group of friends are going out on a hike, this larger size beverage container can make it possible for some not carry anything heavy at all. This may be especially useful for people who are bringing small children along. The 64 oz. water bottle may also keep water cooler because you can stock it with more ice before your trip.

Cons: The main problem with the 64 oz. water bottle is the size and weight. Even though it carries a lot of necessary water, half-gallon of water weighs over 4 pounds. This may not seem like much, but added to a regular hiking or camping kit and can definitely add to the back strain. Also, this larger 64 oz. water bottle size may be cumbersome to handle and tip up to get a drink from.

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