Abu Garcia Reels: How to Choose the Right

Abu Garcia Reels

Abu Garcia reels may not offer the vast selection that other big name brands in the fishing world do, but their offerings to the outdoor sporting community are just as important and well-liked.

Abu Garcia reels are considered some of the top contenders in the fishing world. They come in four main categories – round baitcast, low profile baitcase, conventional, spinning and spincast – of reels for every fishing style.

Low profile baitcast Abu Garcia reels have an oval reel instead of the standard round shape. This could make them more convenient to carry around or work with for some people.

Some models include the Revo Toro, MGXtreme, Beast and Rocket. Round baitcast Abu Garcia reels include the Catfish special, Ambassadeur Pro Rocket, C4 and Striper specials.

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Conventional Abu Garcia reels include the Ambassadeur Alphamar style. It is a good, affordable reel for beginners and casual sportsman.

Spinning Abu Garcia reels include the Revo MGX, Premier and STX models as well as the Orra SX, S model and Cardinal series. Spincast reels have an enclosed reel case and come in the Abumatic line that starts at very low prices.

Compared to other comparable fishing reels, the Abu Garcia seems to have more affordable options for non-professionals and beginners. One of these attractive and sturdy reels should be the perfect choice for weekend fisherman who want to take their hobby to the next level.

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