Ant Bait: When to Choose for Freshwater Fishing

ant bait

There are so many different types of live and fake bait for freshwater fishing including worms, minnows and ant bait. Although it may not seem reasonable to string and insect as small as an ant on a hook, bait is actually one of the most useful types of insect live bait available. It is especially effective when used by fly fisherman who are going after brown trout.

Fake ant bait is another option if you do not want to deal with live ants running around. Fake ant bait usually consists of a metal or rubberized ant body in brown, black or dark purple or red with four or more spindly legs sticking out on all sides. These create a bit of natural movement that attracts the fish more easily to the bait.

Live ant bait of course requires collection of large-sized ants directly from nests. You must them slip them onto a small hook to use as bait when fishing. Usually multiple insects are used with bait technique.

Ant bait is especially useful for pan fish such as crappies, bluegills and sunnies that hang out near half submerged logs or piers where ants might fall into the water. Ant bait has also proved to be very effective at attracting brown trout in rivers and streams. This makes bait a very useful addition to any tackle or bait box no matter what type of fish you are going after.

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