Army Backpack: Right for Your Trip?

Army Backpack

If the US or an international military uses a particular type of army backpack to tote their gear, you can feel confident that it is a strong bag that can carry a lot and stay comfortable for long treks. Some things that are called an army backpack are true army surplus and have been used by soldiers in the field. Others are simply army style but are constructed the same way and hold a similar amount of stuff.

How is an Army Backpack Different?

An army backpack differs from a normal backpack because it is much sturdier in construction and built to last. Also, they are usually found in camouflage fabric, loden green, tan, gray, and black. Another characteristic of an backpack is that it will have many different pockets and compartments.

This can be very useful if you need to organize a lot of different gear for camping. You can put cooking gear in one slot, tools in another, clean clothes in another pocket, and dirty clothes elsewhere.

The only potential problem with using an army backpack is that it obviously looks rather military in style. If that bothers you in some way, you might prefer a more traditional camping or hiking backpack in a bright color like red or blue. However, an army backpack will certainly serve you well no matter what you need to carry into the woods, across the desert, or even down a city street.

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