Backpacking Food: Top 5 Ideas for Energy on the Trail

Backpacking Food

When you head out into the wilderness for one or more days, you need some high-energy backpacking food to keep you moving forward. Of course, the types of food you will pack change if you are backpacking and camping were just going on a very long hike. The goal of all food is nutritionally rich and easy to carry. These five options will give you a great start.

Nutritional and Delicious Backpacking Food

  1. Trail Mix
    The most traditional backpacking food is a mix of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and sometimes candy like M&Ms in a Ziploc bag or pouch. This is lightweight, does not take up much room, but is very calorically dense.
  2. Energy Bars
    Energy, protein, granola, or power bars are another excellent backpacking food for the same reasons. They are simple to eat while you are hiking and give a good amount of energy for their size.
  3. Packaged Meat or Fish
    Never bring cans on a hiking trip or camp out. Choose meat jerkies that are dry or cooked chicken or tuna that comes in a pouch with olive oil or water for your food. This boost of protein will keep your muscles revving.
  4. Dried Fruit or Vegetables
    Many specialty stores and online retailers sell a wide variety of non-sugary dried fruit and vegetables that are very lightweight but have a high caloric density. You want your backpacking food give you a lot of energy and a small package.
  5. Dehydrated Meals or MREs
    If you are camping overnight, your backpacking food can take a dehydrated form that only needs some hot water turn into a delicious meal.

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