Backpacking Gear: A Beginner’s Guide

Backpacking Gear

Heading out into the wilderness for a day or more sounds like great fun to many people, but if you do not have the right backpacking gear, that fun can quickly turn into a headache or worse. Some of the right backpacking gear can actually keep you safe on the trail and while camping overnight. Other types of gear just make the experience more fun.

Backpacking Gear: The Bare Minimum for Safety

The three essentials of outdoor adventure are water, safety, and protection from the elements. You should always bring a bottle of water along with you on the trail, but other backpacking gear that can help includes water purification tablets.

A flashlight, signaling mirror, and well charged cell phone are your best bets when it comes to safety. To stay protected from the elements, include layers of lightweight clothing, a waterproof rain poncho, and waterproof matches, a lighter, or striker to build a fire if necessary.

Backpacking Gear: Other Stuff You Will Want to Have

Now that you are sure you will say safe, you can turn your attention to other types of backpacking gear. Bring along nutritionally-dense food like trail mix and energy bars. A survival knife or multitool can help a lot you’re forced to stay overnight unexpectedly. Always bring a fully-equipped first aid kit as well.

The backpacking here you bring besides these important survival items will depend largely on where you are going and how long you will be away from civilization.

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