Benchmade Nimravus Review

Benchmade Nimravus

Benchmade NimravusThe Benchmade Nimravus is the first in the line of new knives from this company in the past several years. Designed by Allen Elishewitz, this particular design is made more for consumers who wanted all the superb qualities of traditional Benchmade knives in a fixed blade format.

While different than the celebrated Benchmade Nimravus Tanto blade, the new Nimravus does seem to capture all the excellent features that customers want in a good Benchmark knife. Plus, the new tip design has proven to be quite attractive as well. In this Benchmade Nimravus review, we will go over the attributes of the knife and see just how it stacks up, particularly the Benchmade 140 Nimravus.


  • – Knife Weight: 6.2 oz
  • – Knife Style: Modified Drop Point


  • – Opening System: Folding Blade
  • – Lock Type: Fixed


  • Benchmade Nimravus blade– Edge: .115″
  • – Length: 9.45″
  • – Steel Type: 154CM Steel


  • Benchmade Nimravus handle– Material: Black MOLLE Soft Sheath
  • – Color: Black

How to Carry

The knife can be folded and carried comfortably in the pocket or it can be holstered as well. The knife itself is simple and comfortable to use in all types of situation.

Blade Testing

The 154CM Steel holds up to considerable punishment and will last for many years of normal use with a few occasions of sharpening needed. The thinness of the knife and the false edge designed to lower the overall weight still retains its strength.


  • – Engraved: Unknown


There are a number of features associated with this particular knife, starting with the single piece full-tang that will certainly be of interest to those who collect knives. The larger finger groove means that you can achieve better control for different types of uses. The BK1 coating and the black aluminum handle scales help you hold the knife with more confidence for better, overall handling.

Price Range: Generally speaking, the knife retails from $150 to $190 which will depend on the store and if any discounts apply. As with most knives, the price may drop over time as new versions are released.

Conclusion (Pros & Cons)

There is little doubt about the overall quality of this particular knife as the rugged 154CM stainless steel material really holds up well. There is even a false edge that lowers the weight of the knife without reducing the performance.

Positives include the poly-ceramic coating which allows the blade to be thinner and yet still as effective as previous versions while being lighter in weight.


However, the overall versatility of the knife is okay, but nothing outstanding. It seems that while this new version could have been released a few years ago and is not nearly as advanced as expected for this Benchmade Nimravus review. Still, the new knife is impressive enough to be recommended for anyone who wants to upgrade from the previous Benchmade versions.

In addition, there are other related knives that also may serve you well, including the Benchmade Griptilian 551, the Benchmade Infidel 3300, the Benchmade Adamas 275 and the Benchmade Barrage review which will provide more information about this particular knife. The sheath for the Benchmade 140 Nimravus offers as sure grip and is very impressive.

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