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Benchmade Triage 915 1

Benchmade Triage 915 1The Benchmade Triage Auto is certainly a knife that is built for utility purposes. It’s relatively simple design offers a number of interesting features that make it one of the more popular of its type around. From its somewhat unusual shape to its overall versatility, this is a knife that has garnered plenty of attention since its release.

In this Benchmade Triage review, we will go over the specifications, features, advantages and disadvantages of this particular knife. It will also include the Triage 916 model and wrap up with a conclusion about whether this knife will work best for your needs.


  • – Knife Weight: 5.75 oz
  • – Knife Style: Modified Drop Point


  • – Opening System:
  • – Lock Type: Auto-AXIS for Main Blade, Auto Opening for Safety Cutter and Hook


  • Benchmade Triage 915 blade– Edge: 0.124″
  • – Length: 3.58″
  • – Steel Type: 57 – 59HRC Main Blade


  • Benchmade Triage 915 handle– Material: N680 Main Blade
  • – Color: Black or Orange

How to Carry

This folding knife can be carried comfortably in the pocket, but because of its versatility may require its own holster in order to be fully accessible. The knife itself can be handled with ease and is primarily used in a utility situation.

Blade Testing

The hardness of the blade is apparent and it will handle most tasks without the need for sharpening. In testing, the blade was relatively easy to maneuver and performed well with most cutting tasks.


  • – Engraved: Unknown


There are a number of features that make this particular knife truly stand out. The modified drop point style of blade makes it easy to use and allows the knife to be effective in a number of situations. In addition, the N680 steel used in the blade is corrosion resistant which makes it perfect for a number of uses, even if it is to cut open oranges and lemons.

One interesting feature is the carbide glass breaker that lets the knife be used in emergency situations where punching through glass is necessary. Finally, the 440C automatic opening safety cutter is a very useful item, particularly the hook at the end which can be used in a number of different ways.

Price Range

The price range for this particular blade runs from the $230 to $290 range depending on the retail store where it is purchased. The price itself is rather reasonable considering the high quality and different features of this item.


Overall, the Benchmade Triage Auto is simply one of the most impressive knives created by the company. The hardness of the blade along with its corrosion resistance means that it can be used with little maintenance for a very long time.

Along with the Benchmade Triage 915, the Auto version offers plenty of features that will work in many different emergency situations, particularly the glass breaker. However, it must be stated that the blade shape itself is rather ordinary and could have been tweaked a bit to create a better, more useful shape. Despite that, this Benchmade Triage review rates this knife as one of the best on market for what it sets out to do.

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