Camping Survival: Top Tips for Safety in the Wild

Camping Survival

Whether you enjoy roughing it and getting as far away from civilization as possible, or if what you intended to be a simple overnight in a tent doesn’t work out the way you planned, camping survival tips may make the difference between an adventure and a disaster. No matter how experienced you are and what type of terrain you are going camping in, these top camping tips will keep you safe so you can go back home again happy and healthy.

Water is Everything for Camping Survival

People can only survive two or three days without water. This makes the ability to get clean water the most important thing when you go camping. When it comes to camping survival tips, it is recommended that you have at least two methods of getting clean water available every time you get too far away from the store to pick up a bottle. Water purification tablets or a water filter system are ideal for camping.

Camping Survival Requires Protection From the Elements

Exposure can rob you of body heat and cause serious problems if you are not properly prepared for camping survival. Besides bringing intelligent layers of clothing, dry socks, and a plastic rain poncho every time you get the trail, other important tools can help protect you from the elements. Everyone who cares about camping should always bring a foolproof fire starter. Cord, a survival knife, and a tarp can also help in many situations.

When it comes to camping survival, focus on the basics of water, warmth, and well-being. Everything else you want to bring in your backpack will only make the journey more comfortable and exciting.

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