Casting Reels: 5 Tips for Buying Great

casting reels

If you want to buy casting reels for your fishing adventures, you need to know the basics about what one is as well as determine which type of works best for you specifically. Casting reels wind the line up on a moving spool which requires you to use your thumb to stop the line from going out too far and to regulate the speed of it winding neatly back up. To buy reels, follow these five basic tips.

1 – Make sure you buy casting reels specifically designed for the left or right hand. While many things in life are suitable for either, reels are not.

2 – Decide if you want in larger round bait casting reels or a smaller low-profile reels. The larger ones are of course heavier and can hold more line, so they are good if you want to fish in multiple spots without moving your feet. Low-profile reels are generally more popular and easy to work with.

3 – Choose a braking system on the casting reels that best suits your fishing style. Old-fashioned ones have a braking system that consists of your thumb. Newer  reels have mechanical ones that can regulate the speed of the line.

4 – Consider the number and type of ball bearings inside the casting reels before making a purchase. More ball bearings are not necessarily better. Instead, go for sealed or shielded bearings instead.

5 – Make sure the casting reels you are thinking about buying fit comfortably on your rod, feel good in your hand, have a easy to grip and comfortable to turn handle and are from a reputable brand.

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