First Aid Kit List: 3 Essential Items

First Aid Kit List

Your first line of defense against injury, infection, and illness when you are on the go is a proper first aid kit list with every item checked off. When you are first compiling your first aid kit list, you may be concerned about what to include. Although there are plenty of products out there to help with scrapes, cuts, fevers, and other minor medical emergencies, there are five essential things that should be on every first aid list for every family.

The Best First Aid Kit List Options

  1. Sterile gauze, pads, or bandages.
    Any cut, scrape, or other break in the skin should get a sterile dressing to protect it from dirt and bacteria and help prevent infection. Do not only put a small adhesive bandages on your first aid kit list because they will not work for larger wounds.
  2. Antiseptic ointment, liquid, spray, or wipes.
    To further prevent infection, your first aid kit list should include some product designed to kill bacteria and germs that can get into a wound. This should be applied to anything that happens when you are away from home before putting on a clean bandage.
  3. Pain reliever and fever reducer.
    Your first aid kit list should definitely include some type of medication such as Tylenol that will bring down a sudden fever. These medications do double duty at reducing pain, which can help family members and especially children stop worrying about the wound or illness they have.

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