Fish Bag: Always Use or Cooler to Keep Catches Fresh

fish bag

Unless you only fish with a catch and release habit, you will need a way, such as an insulated fish bag, to keep your catch fresh and cool during your fishing trip. After all, catching all sorts of different types of fish can be great fun, but taking them home, cleaning them up and eating them for supper makes this outdoor sport even greater for the whole family.

There are two main choices for keeping fish fresh: coolers and a fish bag. Although coolers can be great in a boat or if you have multiple people to carry it, a fish bag is more convenient for a solo angler.

A fish bag is really not a high-tech piece of equipment. It is, at its most basic, an insulated cooler with soft sides and a convenient carry strap. They come in long box shapes, backpack styles and even ones that look like old-fashioned fishing creels. You can find a fish bag in everything from pink with flowers to hunter camo and basic black.

The reasons to use a fish bag to carry out your catch after a long day are many. First, you don’t want to throw the fish into a plastic bag or a bucket and call it good. They will not be fresh by the time you get back to the kitchen. A fish bag should also have ice or an ice pack to keep things fresh. Secondly, a bag is a lot easier to carry around all day than a large, rectangular ice chest or foam cooler.

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