Fish Bait: The Many Types of Explained

fish bait

Fish bait comes in such a huge range of options depending on the type of fish you want to catch. There are both live and dead fish bait options as well as a huge range of fake bait lures designed to look like the real thing. When it comes to live bait, the options range from the tiniest ant to a large fish or squid.

Freshwater fishing often uses insects, invertebrates and small fish or fish chunks as fish bait. Sometimes other foods such as chicken livers, corn and cheese are also used, especially for scent-tasting fish like catfish and other bottom dwellers. Choosing the right fish bait depends on the type of fish you want to catch and how large it is. If you are confused about bait types, ask more experienced anglers what they like to use.

Saltwater fishing usually uses small fish or fish chunks, shrimp and prawns and animals like squid as fish bait. It makes sense to shy away from bait like worms because there aren’t that many earth worms falling into the ocean to become a natural food for ocean-dwelling fish. Always use fish bait that mimics the regular food of the fish you want to catch. They will be more likely to go after it than if you try to use bait they have never seen or smelled before.

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