Fish Hat Style and Protection on the Water

fish hat

Almost every television and movie portrayal of a dedicated fisherman comes complete with a brown or green fish hat perched on his head and studded with lures and random hooks. Although actually sticking hooks in your own fish hat may be dangerous, having one every time you head out to the water can be both stylish and very useful.

A fish hat looks good, protects you from the sun overhead and the glare off the water and can actually help you land more fish because your visual acuity is improved by the shade provided by the hat brim.

A fish hat should be made out of sturdy cloth such as canvas or twill. This will allow it to hold up to more washing since it will fall in the lake, river and mud sometimes when you are out fishing. It is also easier to stow and store than a straw hat is. A fish hat can come in any color of the rainbow, though brown, green, white and camo print are the most popular for outdoor sportswear.

A comfortable drawstring chin strap is idea on a fish hat because it will prevent it from blowing off and getting lost in the lake or the bushes. If you want to decorate your hat with hooks and lures, just be careful you do not put them anywhere they can stab you.

Photo Gallery of the Fish Hat Style and Protection on the Water


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