Fishfinder: Make Your Fishing Trip Better


You can spend a lot of hours riding around a lake on your boat and still not find any fish to catch if you don’t have a Fishfinder apparatus. These sonar based electronics do not necessarily make it easier to catch fish, but they do make it a lot easier to find one to try to catch with your rod, reel and the right bait. A Fishfinder helps you find fish. It’s as simple as that.

People who want to catch fish usually attach a Fishfinder to their boat and keep it running as they slowly move about the water to all the usual best catch spots. It constantly scans the water underneath and around the boat by sending out sound waves to bounce off any obstructions. The waves bounce off fish swimming under the water and come back to the is machine to tell you where to drop your line.

Besides simply telling you where a fish is, a Fishfinder can also show you the depth and conditions under the water, record the water temperature and even accurately display the species and size of the fish. This can help anglers only go after the type of fish they want that are large enough to keep for dinner. The Fishfinder saves you time in this manner.

When you buy a Fishfinder for the first time, your decision about which to buy may come down primarily to how much you want to spend. More expensive Fishfinder models have color screens and more bells and whistles. Less expensive is just show the fish, depth and conditions in greyscale or black and white.

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