Fishing Bait Guide

Fishing Bait

A fishing bait is one from the many things to take into consideration before setting up your fishing trips. Nobody wants to just sit and fly their fishing rods without knowing how to bait a fish.

Wondering why you can’t catch fish even you are fully equipped? Consider these…

Basic Guide to Fishing Bait

  1. Types of Fishing Bait
    There are two types of bait, one is the artificial bait and the other is the natural bait. Artificial bait mostly uses a lure to attract fish. A lure is the most popular as it vibrates, creates move-ment, has a splash of colors to bait fish. Second is the natural bait that uses alive or dead insects, worms, minnows or salamanders. Probably the most effective as color, texture, and odor comes in naturally. It can easily attract the fish compared to the artificial baits.
  2. Fishing Knots
    Being well versed on how to tie fishing knots is very helpful by any means. The strength and stability of a fishing rod and bait are dependent on how you tie the knot. Different knots vary according to what fishing bait you use in the different scenario.
  3. Time, Weather, and Season
    You can go your way on the water any season of the year, whatever the weather is from dawn until midnight. However, one thing to re-member before fishing is to learn the depth of your fishing bait. Fish are sensitive to the weather, their senses are pretty damn good. Fish movement changes as the weather changes. Be knowledgeable on the low and high pressures as fish may stay at the bottom or above water level.

Above all, follow your local government’s legalities on fishing bait.

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