Fishing Gloves: Warm, Waterproof Protection

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More than any other outdoor sport, fishing requires a particular set of fishing gloves for the best warmth, waterproof and injury protection. Just think. When you are fishing your hands are in and out of the chilly water, grabbing sharp hooks, knives and slimy bait. You need a pair of fishing gloves to protect you from all of that without getting in the way of delicate operations like tying on lures and replacing hooks.

Fishing gloves should be warm enough to keep your hands comfortable and supple without causing them to sweat. They should also be water proof or water resistant in some way so you can dry them quickly if you do need to stick your hand in the water.

UV protection is another important factor to consider for fishing gloves. After all, your hands will be out there holding the rod and reel all day long and may get sunburnt or skin damage you do not want. This makes fishing gloves important even in warmer weather.

One of the best reasons to wear fishing gloves is protection against getting stabbed by hooks and cut by knives, sharp fins or even fish teeth as you work with the fish and the equipment. Some gloves are even made from Kevlar or super fabric that will not rip or cut.

Fishing gloves come in full finger, half finger or semi-finger styles. Some gloves only hook around one or two fingers and are solely fashioned to protect the top of the hand and wrist while you are fishing.

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