Fishing Rod Materials – What to Choose

Fishing Rod

From days long ago when a fishing rod for something more than a stick with a string and a hook attached, they have come an awfully long way. New technology and rigorous testing have brought us to the present where rod materials are much more advanced.

For flexibility and control, different types of materials work in different situations. Understanding what rod material to choose for your hobby or sport will make a big difference in how much you can catch.

Bamboo Fishing Rod

This is the most natural material currently used for rod construction. A bamboo fishing rod is much more than simply a of bamboo with a line attached to it. A unique manufacturing process involves attaching six angled strips of bamboo with a special blue in order to create a flexible yet strong rod.

Fiberglass Fishing Rod

For beginners, a fiberglass rod can’t be beat. These are usually much less expensive than alternatives, and, while they may not perform as well, they come in a range of sizes and styles that can help you catch fish.

Carbon Graphite Fishing Rod

This type of rod material can be called either carbon or graphite fiber, but it is manufactured the same way. Thousands of tiny carbon fibers are bonded and twisted together to create an extremely strong material. Depending on the density of the carbon, a fishing rod made with it can have varying degrees of flexibility and strength.

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