Fishing Tackle: How to Organize Before Each Trip

fishing tackle

When you are out on the water fishing for sport or your supper, your fishing tackle box may become a bit disorganized or even messy. Before you head out to the lake, pond or river the next time, you need to take some time to organize your fishing tackle. A well-organized tackle box can definitely help make your day on the water more enjoyable and productive. Consider the following tips for setting up an easy-to-use fishing tackle case before your next trip to the lake.

1 – Make sure you start with a clean fishing tackle box or case. Most are plastic so they can be hosed out or just washed in the sink.

2 – Figure out what type of fish you will be going after and what type of lures and bait they are most likely to hit on. Stock these pieces of fishing tackle in the most convenient trays or compartments in the box.

3 – Add in some alternative lures or bait options just in case. A good fisherman or woman is always prepared.

4 – Do not forget the most important tools that every fishing tackle box should contain. These include a knife or clippers to cut lines, gloves if you are working with spiny fish and hooks, needle nose or other small pliers to retrieve hooks and a flashlight.

5 – Add in items that are not usually fishing tackle but will make your trip a lot better: sunscreen, bug repellant, a first aid kit and a healthy snack.

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