Fishing Waders: Stay Warm and Dry on Every Fishing Trip

Fishing waders have been used for many years whenever a person is going to catch some fish and needs to walk into the water at all. There are two main types of fishing waders to choose from depending on how wet you intend to get. Both types are fashioned from rubberized fabric that prevents all water from seeping in and making you either cold or wet. This protects your clothing, your skin and your health from hypothermia and other potential problems.

Thigh Boot Fishing Waders – These fishing waders look like a very tall pair of boots that come all the way up to the hips of the person wearing them. They sometimes have a cinch around the top to hold them in place, may simply be stiff enough to support or have straps that fix them to a belt or some sort of suspender harness.

Pant Style Fishing Waders – These fishing waders look more like a giant pair of rubber pants or overalls that are worn on top of regular clothing. Although there are types that come up to the waist only and are held on with a belt or suspenders, most waders of this type go up to the chest like bib overalls or have a solid construction all the way to the armpits. These are always held on with shoulder straps that are adjustable to maximize the comfort of the wearer.

Fishing waders are the perfect solution to all day comfort on any fishing expedition that leads you into the water even though you really don’t want to get wet.

Photo Gallery of the Fishing Waders: Stay Warm and Dry on Every Fishing Trip