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gerber covert autoThe Gerber Covert Auto and Gerber Covert Fast knives have certainly garnered attention over the years for their strong look, hardened blades and overall versatility for their size. When it comes to the Gerber line, they make for good knives that have many different uses in everyday situations.

In reviewing these two entries in the Gerber line of knives, we will look at the specs, features and whether they hold p to the famed Gerber name. This is certainly an important consideration when looking at an automatic knife or the famed f.a.s.t 3. Here, the Auto and the Fast are two in the Gerber line that look to take their rightful place as the most popular and useful of the collection.


  • – Knife Weight: 6.3 oz
  • – Knife Style: Standard


  • – Opening System: None
  • – Lock Type: None


  • gerber covert auto blade– Edge:
  • – Length: 3.8”
  • – Steel Type


  • gerber covert auto handle– Material: G10
  • – Color: Black

How to Carry

This is an automatic knife that needs to be handled with care as pressing the black button will pop it into action. This means care must be taken to sheath the knife properly, but it does offer many different features that help make it one of the best.

Blade Testing

The blade itself is quite strong with a serrated edge to help cut through especially difficult material. Sharpening is minimal when used normally, but the blade itself can hold up against substantial force which makes it ideal for emergency situations.


  • – Engraved: Yes


There are a number of excellent features to the Auto version of the Gerber Covert knife. The finger guards and anodized 6061-T6 machine aluminum handle make this one of the easiest to hold knives in the Gerber line. The G10 Handle S is also very lightweight as well for additional handling and the fully automatic blade features an oversized release button for quick access.

The utility Tanto tip features a partially serrated edge that allows for additional cutting on particularly hard objects. A particularly nifty feature is the pommel that offers a strike point and a lanyard hole for easier carrying. It helps that there is a lifetime warranty as well for this remarkable knife.

Price Range

The general price range for this knife is from $150 to $210 depending on the retailer. This does not include any special discounts that may alter the price as well.

Conclusion (Pros & Cons)

The Gerber Covert Auto and Gerber Covert Fast certainly live up to their respective names when it comes to overall performance. Both of these knives are solidly built, easy to use and offer a variety of choices as well. For many, they are two of the better knives in the Gerber line and will be used for many years of service.

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If there is a downside, it is the oversized button that releases the knife can be hit accidentally which means that it should not be carried in the pocket. Instead, for reasons of safety a holster should be used. Otherwise, there is no downside to this particular version.

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