The Gerber Freeman Knife: Brilliance in Action

Gerber Freeman Knife 2

Gerber Freeman KnifeThere are certain things that a high quality folder must have in order for it to be a good knife. It must not be too heavy so that it causes user fatigue. It needs to be able to provide a secure grip. The blade itself must lock securely, yet still be reasonably easy to get open. When you take a look at the Gerber Freeman guide folder, you’ll find that all of these key features are there and that there’s a number of advantages to consider too.

How Lightweight Is the Gerber Freeman S30V?

Although there are some folders that weigh less than this knife, like the Gerber Remix knife, at 6.6 ounces it is still a solid option that will give you a lot of strength. Slip it into your hunting pack and you’ll have a useful tool for a number of different tasks that you might encounter throughout the day. Staying at home instead? The folding design is simple enough to use that many will be able to unfold the knife with just one hand.

Gerber Freeman Knife handleWith a blade that is 3.6 inches long, users get a lot of leverage in using the Freeman as they do with other models, as can be seen in our Gerber LMF II review. The TacHide onlay that is one the handle makes it perfect to use in virtually any weather condition, which is why it’s great for hunting or that backcountry trip. Although some users have complained about the durability of this knife, it stands up to the test of using it for most tasks. Thanks to the large finger grooves that are in the design, the Gerber S30V knife has a lot of leverage compared to the Gerber Mini Paraframe during the cutting motion and this makes it an extremely useful tool.

What Could You Do With the Gerber Freeman Today?

Carrying the Gerber S30V knife is simple thanks to the included nylon sheath. The smooth, sharp blade secures firmly and gives you a full cutting experience without any saws or grooves cut into the blade. There’s also a thumb rest position that has been included on the blade that allows users to put more force into their cutting motion without putting their digits at risk. The simplicity of the design also allows for secure locking and easy opening of this folder like you’d find with the Gerber Guardian backup tanto.

Gerber Freeman Knife bladePrecise cuts are perfect for this blade. Many users are going to find that it will do more than just break down a few boxes or cutting open a package of beef jerky. It’s a multipurpose blade that allows you to accomplish virtually any cutting task you might have. Even kindling can be trimmed down, though you may need to sharpen the steel blade after taking care of that task.

The blade for the Freeman comes in three designs. The fixed-blade drop point is useful for most applications. An optional gut hook blade is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. A caping knife is also available in this design and each has a blade made from 440C stainless steel. If you’re looking for a highly versatile knife, then you will want to take a look at what this option from Gerber is able to provide. It could become your new favorite folder!

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