Gerber Remix Tactical handle

Gerber Remix Tactical handle

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The Gerber Remix Tactical: An Inspirational Folding Knife: Gerber Remix Tactical handle

If you're in the market for a good utility knife, then the Gerber Remix Tactical has a lot to offer. Not only does it feel good when its in your hand, but it won't cause fatigue during use either. It's slim and lightweight like the Gerber Parafgrame 2, making it one of the best options when you need a folding knife that you can carry with you every day.

Why Choose the Gerber Remix Tactical Knife Today?

Weighing just 4.6 ounces, this is the perfect knife that you can just slip into a pocket or into your pack if you want. Just like in our Gerber Swagger AO review, the tactical inspiration in the design makes it incredibly easy to use and the large ring within the design gives the Remix Tactical a unique look. Although it has more of a standard folding design that claims you can use one hand to unlock the blade, most users are going to find that it takes two hands to start using this knife.

Superior Rating Gerber Remix Tactical

In this Gerber Remix Tactical review, we found that the G-10 composite handle makes for a solid, slip-free experience. There's a thumblift included with the design of the knife as well, helping to give it a bit more usefulness compared to other knives at this price point. There's a nice texture that allows users to take advantage of this knife in multiple environmental conditions and the holes within the handle don't detract from the ownership experience.

The Gerber Remix Tactical Knife Is Quite Sturdy

Some users might avoid the G-10 laminate handle on the Remix Tactical, but that would be a mistake. Not only does it make it easy to use, but it's also as easy to carry as the Gerber Freeman. With the large holes, you can attach it to your keychain and have it be a fob if you wish. It also offers a tip-up pocket carrying experience if you prefer and it stays put wherever you decide to carry it.

The tanto blade, which is made from 7Cr17Mo stainless steel, may just be 3 inches long, but this doesn't detract from its overall cutting power. When fully extended, the Remix tactical is just 7.86 inches in length. The blade is thin, but strong and useful like what you'd find on the Gerber Guardian knife, and allows for prolonged cutting. Hone the blade before use every time to maximize its sharpness and you'll have a wonderful experience with the Remix Tactical.

There aren't any engraving options with this knife, but that's to be expected at this price point. It retails for about $40 directly from Gerber, but stores like Amazon may carry it for around $27 at times. It's highly affordable, fun to use, and has an amazing level of durability. If you want a daily use knife that folds up and is easy to carry, then we strongly recommend you take a closer look at the Gerber Remix Tactical today.


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