Hiking Backpack: How to Pick the Right One

Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack must be large enough to carry all your gear and comfortable enough to not cause pain, soreness, or chafing while you are walking down the trail or hiking through the wilderness. They come in a large range of sizes, materials, and styles, but there are a few important criteria you must always take into consideration when shopping for the right hiking backpack. Read on to ensure that your next walk through the woods is comfortable and safe.

Three Important Criteria for a Hiking Backpack

  • Perhaps the most important thing to take into consideration for a hiking backpack is comfort. If the bag drags at your shoulders, rubs your skin uncomfortably, or breaks your back, you will be miserable even an hour into your hike. Take the time to try on several different backpack options before making a purchase.
  • Storage space comes next on the list of knowing how to pick the right backpack. You know how long your hikes are and how much space you need. Always look for a backpack with enough separate compartments to keep dirty socks away from the food and everything safe and secure.
  • When buying a hiking backpack, you want to find one that will not break on the trail and will last a long time. Look for sturdy construction, waterproof or water resistant materials, and double stitching with quality threads. Once you find a comfortable and roomy hiking backpack, you will want it to last forever.

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