Hydration Backpack Cleaning Tips

Hydration Backpack

Anyone involved in endurance sports or hiking and camping have seen the benefits of a hydration backpack. These clever devices allow you to carry enough water to stay hydrated all day long in a convenient and comfortable harness. Although equality backpack should not get too dirty if only used for water, it is still important to keep it clean and healthy before each use.

Step-by-step Guide to Cleaning Your Hydration Backpack

1 – Mix together to warm water and either 2 tablespoons of bleach or 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Fill your hydration backpack bladder with this mixture. Slosh it around vigorously for a while and then allow the bladder to sit overnight with the solution inside.

2 – Use a scrubber or a sponge to carefully clean the exterior of your hydration backpack and its bladder. Keeping everything clean on the outside will help it last longer.

3 – Hold the bladder up or hang it from something tall to prepare for emptying. Make sure the hose is attached and then let the water and baking soda or bleach solution run out through the tube. Steps one and three can be repeated if you feel it necessary.

4 – Fill the hydration backpack bladder up with clear warm water a few more times to rinse it out thoroughly. Allow the entire thing to try before packing it away.

Top Tip – Consider storing the bladder from your hydration backpack in the freezer between uses. The material should hold up fine and the cold prevents any growth of bacteria.

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