Hydration Pack for Your Trip: Choose the Right Size

Hydration Pack

Using a hydration pack for hiking or camping is an excellent way to conveniently carry potable water everywhere you go. This is especially important in areas of high temperature and low humidity or if the terrain is particularly rugged. Knowing what size hydration pack to use depends on many different factors. Mostly, it comes down to a careful balance between how much water you should drink to maintain your health and how much you can comfortably carry on your back.

How Many Liters Do You Need?

The average person should drink approximately 2 liters of water every day. This can change drastically if you are hiking in hot weather or dry climates. The general idea in these instances, is to drink up to 1 liter every hour. As you can imagine, all of this water adds up to a lot of weight. A hydration pack can help make carrying it easier than lugging around bottles.

On the market today, you can find a hydration pack in one to three liter sizes very easily. Some of these look like backpacks themselves, and some mostly consists of the water bladder and tubes that can be slipped into another backpack. The type of pack choose depends on your outdoor recreational needs.

To make your hydration pack even more useful for long hikes or overnight trips, carry along the water filter or purification tablets. This allows you to refill your hydration pack at any water source along the way.

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