Insulated Water Bottle: Pick for All-Day Refreshment

Insulated Water Bottle

Nothing is more refreshing than sipping an icy beverage out of it insulated water bottle after a long hike or sporting event. You can find insulated water bottle varieties in any size from just a few drinks for one person up to containers that can serve multiple people for a long time. No matter what size you choose, keeping the water cold inside is the most important task.

Best Ways to Keep an Insulated Water Bottle Cold All Day

An insulated water bottle already has built in material designed to keep your water or other beverage cool all day long. That is the point of the insulation. However, there are additional things you can do to make sure your water is as refreshing at the end of a long day hiking or exercising than it is at the beginning.

Think ice. If the bottle itself is freezer safe, for a bit of water into it and tuck it into the freezer overnight before your hike or other event. Do not fill the bottle up all the way or the ice will overflow may cause cracking. Also, your bottle may do such a good job of keeping the ice frozen that you will have nothing to drink.

Another way to introduce ice into an insulated water bottle is with specially-shaped ice cubes. Some bottles on the market do not have a wide enough top to use standard cubes from an ice cube tray. An insulated water bottle may need special treatment. If you use it frequently, invest in a tray for bottle ice cubes that are long and thin.

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