Kershaw Shallot Review

Kershaw Shallot

Kershaw ShallotWhen it comes to producing reasonably priced, high quality knives Kershaw is certainly one of the more celebrated in the field. Here, in this Kershaw Shallot review and Kershaw Shallot black knife review, we will look at one of the more economical, but still quite versatile knives in their collection.

The Kershaw Shallot was designed by Ken Onion, a celebrated knife designer with many credits to his name. This particular knife is one that has garnered considerable attention thanks to its smooth lines and relatively simple features that have made it one of the more highly regarded lower priced knives in the set.


  • – Knife Weight: 4.2 oz
  • – Knife Style: Folding


  • – Opening System
  • – Lock Type: Frame


  • Kershaw Shallot blade– Edge:0.116”
  • – Length: 3.5”
  • – Steel Type


  • Kershaw Shallot handle– Material: 410 Stainless Steel
  • – Color: Black

How to Carry

The knife is safe to carry in the pocket, although it is always recommended that you use a holster or keep it away from the body in case the worst should happen. The knife itself does handle quite well as it is easy to remove and replace from its container.

Blade Testing

The stainless steel blade holds up very well to corrosion and keeps its edge for many years of normal use. Only minimal maintenance is required and it performs quite well when used on a daily basis. The serrated edge can be used to cut harder objects and is quite versatile as well.


  • – Engraved: Yes


There are a number of features that help separate the Shallot from the rest of the Kershaw line starting with the “SpeedSafe” assisted ambidextrous opening which can use either index finger to accomplish. In addition, the all stainless steel construction makes this one of the toughest knives in the line, but also one that needs little in the way of maintenance.

The reversible and removable pocket clip allows the knife to be carried either tip up or tip down to meet the needs of the customer as well. These are very solid features for the Shallot knife that make it a worthy option, especially with the lifetime warranty.

Price Range

This is a low priced knife that ranges from $65 to $110 depending on the retail store and any discounts that might apply. This particular knife is designed with relatively few features and the price range matches the expectations.

Conclusion (Pros & Cons)

When it comes to this Kershaw Shallot review and Kershaw shallot black knife, the results are clearly in favor of this remarkable design by Ken Onion. Simple, complete and offering a solid construction and clean lines, this is simply one of the best in the price range. Compared to the Shallot s110v, this particular knife stands up quite well and is certainly worth the price.

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