The Kershaw Skyline Knife: A Good First Time Knife to Own

Kershaw Skyline Knife

Kershaw Skyline KnifeYou might have carried a knife almost all of your life. You may have never thought about carrying a knife before. Either way, the Kershaw Skyline is going to make you a believer in what it is able to do. There are no excuses with this thin, lightweight knife. When you have the Skyline with you, then you’ve got a blade that will take care of most needs that you will ever find that you have.

What Did We Discover In Our Kershaw Skyline Knife Review?

Kershaw Skyline Knife bladeSome folding knives claim to be durable and lightweight. Some manufacturers spend a fortune on marketing how lightweight and versatile their knives happen to be. Yet through it all, the Skyline stands strong, even though it weighs just 2.5 ounces, and just like the Kershaw Leek G10, it outperforms knives that are three times its size. Part of that is due to the unique design of the blade. Made in Tualatin, OR, it is 3.1 inches in total size and the steel is from Sandvik 14C28N. It also has a bead blasted finish to give it additional strength.

Most users are going to find that the easiest way to carry the Kershaw Skyline S30V is with the included pocketclip. Kershaw has designed the clip to be reversible so you can carry it tip-up or tip-down based on your personal preferences. Opening up this knife is done in the old-school way. It has a classic mechanism that includes a flipper to move it out of the handle. Once in place, the steel liner lock keeps the blade secure and it moves into place automatically, much like the Kershaw Blur S30V.

How Is the Handle on the Kershaw Skyline?

Kershaw Skyline Knife handleIn taking a look at the handle of this knife in our Kershaw Skyline review, the textured G-10 is a comfortable grip that will work for most users. The knife itself is a little smaller than you might expect with a folder, but don’t let that fool you. Kershaw has created a well-balanced knife that has a firm grip that won’t slip on you. Just as you’d find in our Kershaw Scallion review, whether you’re cutting into a package or taking care of a quick chore, this folder has the goods to deliver on a consistent basis.

The spine of the knife may be a little difficult for some users. Although the knife is ambidextrous, the righties will notice that there is a particular sharpness to the back of knife when the flipper is being used. It’s sharp enough that it may even cut the hand, so be careful if you plan on using this feature after purchasing the knife. As with our Kershaw Chive review, there isn’t a 100% knife that can be found, but the Skyline comes close.

There are a lot of folders that will impress on their first impression, but the value that they bring just doesn’t match up to that initial visual appreciation. The Skyline is the exception to that rule. It’s strong, durable, and well worth the MSRP of $79 if you’re looking for an upgrading folding knife.

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