Kershaw Tremor 1950 Knife – A Unique Cutting Component

kershaw tremor 1950

kershaw tremor 1950


The ergonomically engraved features of Kershaw tremor 1950 with curved handle and with easy grip with handy thumb stud. This plain edge knife featured with sharp cutting with its strength and hardness. You can add a most useful and sharp tool in your collection for cutting purpose. A unique collection for metal lovers.


  • Construction: An impressively large folding 9 inches knife when in opening position with partially serrated blade and superior edge retention
  • Opening features: Easy, smooth and speed safe assisted opening features with built in flippers on back of knife. The curved handle provides more comfortable grip.
  • kershaw tremor 1950 bladeLock type: Covered with liner lock and pocket clip for comfortable carrier.
  • Blade structure: Overall length of knife length is 9 inches. Blade style is of clip point with plain edges. The blade is of 8CR1MOV stainless steel structure with 3.75 inches length and 0.12 inches width with added weather stability features.

kershaw tremor 1950 handle

  • Handle structure: Additionally qualified handle scaled with G-10 material which enhance secure grip. The color is black with stainless steel lining material.
  • Blade testing: The knife is ideal for cutting and slicing.
  • Closing features: The blade is closed with liner lock and can be closes down even with a single hand
  • Kershaw Tremor Serrated Folding Lock Back Knife

    Kershaw Tremor Serrated

    Weight: Weighing up to 6 ounces.

  • Usage: Best for every day usage.
  • Price: The quoted price range of this remarkably featured serrated knife is in $25-$30. This serrated knife is available for sale.
  • Origin: Country of origin is China.

Kershaw Tremor Reviews

Kershaw Tremor Spring 1950 Video Review

Price winning component: Many users of Kershaw Tremor 1950 stated in their reviews that the knife is a price winning component for them. “The 3.75 inches blade with beautiful stone wash finishing and G- 0 grip give a nice feeling while cutting or slicing. The assisted opening is quick, easy and most prominently effort less.”

Nice collection: Another customer stated in his review that “it is a kind of super nice cutting tool which inspires for carrying it every day and everywhere. The knife ‘speed safe is broken but still nice addition to my collection.”

Chinese born blade: Another review highlighted the features of Kershaw “it derives unbelievable value from Kershaw on this Chinese born blade as Kershaw is certainly engaged with QC of these blades as proved by Tremor 3.75 inches 8CRL13MOV stainless steel blade which sharpens easily and resist corrosion. The hollow grinding of blade and shallow grinding edges give it a hair shaving sharp style with nice diamond pattern.”

Speed safe assisted opening: While praising this knife a customer stated that “the speed safe opening system has a powerful and smooth function which makes you to look twice at the price. The installed bronze washers added a good solid feeling of life time can be complimented as a smooth mechanically operated tool.

If you struck with sharpening of knives and have cutting problems, buy Kershaw and get the job done in a few minutes. Kershaw brand also facilitate with sharpening of blade and even ship back to you without any charge. I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase.”

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