Pflueger Reels for Fishing Fans: Quick Shop Guide

Pflueger Reels

Any angler worth his or her salt knows that Pflueger reels mean quality. Since 1916, this well-known fishing gear company has been selling both Baitcast and spinning reels to everyone from beginners in the hobby of fishing to professionals. Four different types of reels are available now: spinning, Baitcast, spincast, and fly fishing ones.

The first step is to decide what type of Pflueger reel you need. Of course, if you only fly fish, the choice is obvious. You only have to decide between sizes and styles like the Monarch, the Patriarch, and the Medalist. There is even an automatic option.

The others depend on your style of fishing and what type of fish you go after. Spinning Pflueger reels include the President, the Supreme, the Arbor, the Purist and more.

There is even a Lady President option for women who want a smaller option in pink. Spincast Pflueger reels include the President and Trion models. Most reels in the Baitcast category are also low profile for ease of use and transport. These include the Supreme, Echelon, Patriarch, and President models too.

No matter what type of freshwater fishing you prefer and what your personal cast style is, Pflueger reels has a great option for you. This well-known and respected company always constructs their reels with the best materials to exacting standards. Pflueger reels of all types have and will continue to be an important player in the fishing reel industry.

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