Reeling: Quick and Easy Guide


There is no denying the number one desire of fishermen and women around the world. They all want to reel in more fish every time they head out to the water. It does not matter if they enjoy freshwater or saltwater fishing. Reeling in more fish successfully takes the right equipment and the right skill.

While some people think reeling just means cranking the reel handle as fast as possible, there are quite a few other things to consider as you get the fish from its natural habitat to your hand.

Start with the best equipment you want to afford for your fishing hobby. Know what type of rod and reel match your cast style the best. Choices include spinning rods and reels, bait casting rods and reels and specialty ones for fly fishing, ice fishing or surf and deep sea fishing as well.

Next, learn the best it technique to get the fish on the hook and then up to your boat or yourself standing on the shore. The number one thing you need for reeling in more fish is patience, but this is closely followed by observational skills. When a fish gets on your hook, you feel minute movements that should be answered with short, steady bursts of reeling that make your bait look more enticing to the fish.

One the fish gets hooked, start reeling in earnest. If you have a particular large or strong fish, you may have to do reeling in stages with pauses to rest or let the fish swim and tire itself out some before you can finish reeling it up for the final catch.

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