Rod Holders for Fishing: the Top 3 Benefits

Rod Holders

When you are sitting on the banks of a river or the shore of a lake an afternoon by the water, chances are there will come a time when you will have to set your rod aside and stretch, grab some food, or take care of other issues. Rod holders are the solution that allows you to keep the bait in the water for longer and not waste time reeling in and casting out if you’re only going to be away for a few minutes.

What can rod holders do for you?

  1. A rod holder can save you a lot of time wasted reeling in and casting out your line if you need to get up or move about for a while. Some fish would find your bait or lure more readily if you do not keep moving about.
  2. A rod holder can save your hand from getting sore or cramped up. It allows you to slip the end of the rod into it or clamp it securely so you can grab a drink or eat your lunch without worrying about the rod falling into the dirt or being dragged into the lake if you catch the fish.
  3. A rod holder keeps your gear secure. If you simply lean your rod up against the rock or on a forked stick, you run the risk of it being pulled away from you if you hook the big one. Rod holders have clamps or tighten down to carefully keep the rod on sure even if you are not holding onto it.

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