Sage Fly Rods for Ultimate Customization of Fishing Style

Sage Fly Rods

When it comes to fly fishing, Sage fly rods are one of the most popular brands for many outdoor sports enthusiasts. They offer one of the widest selections in freshwater and saltwater rods that use their unique four-step process: design on the water, selection of the best materials, construction by hand and meticulous assembly and finishing.

Freshwater Sage Fly Rods

Although there are several Sage fly rods varieties, such as the Method, Bolt and Pulse that are suitable for all types of water and conditions, they also manufacture some that should be used specifically with fresh water. These fly rods include the Little One, Mod and Circa varieties.

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Saltwater Sage Fly Rods

The Salt and Motive Sage fly rods have been crafted for use in salt and brackish waters. They are made from materials better suited to stand up to the corrosive action of salt water and have features better for catching the unique fish in those waterways and the ocean.

Specialty and Two-Handed Fly Rods

Sage fly rods also offer an extensive collection of specialty rods people may prefer better than their standard options. There are those perfectly set for pike and musky or bass and an ESN variety as well. Two-handed fly rods come in spey or switch types of Method, One and Accel models. Sage also offers complete outfits, include a pink one that donates proceeds to a cancer organization for women.

Photo Gallery of the Sage Fly Rods for Ultimate Customization of Fishing Style


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