Surf Rods: How to Choose for Saltwater Fishing

When most people think about fishing rods, they imagine a thin, strong yet flexible pole around six feet long. Surf rods, however, are often quite a bit longer and stronger than those people buy for some casual freshwater angling. If you are interested in heading down to the beach and trying to catch some of the interesting fish that swim near the shore, you will need one of the dedicated surf rods on the market today.

It is possible to start out with saltwater fishing with a standard fishing rod if you have a pier or jetty that you can stand on. When you want to graduate to buying your own surf rods, you need to know some special criteria that can help you choose the correct one for you. Because people of all sizes, abilities and ages like to fish in the ocean, surf rods come in a wide variety of sizes, power and action options.

Most surf rods are between 9 feet and 14 feet long and if you want to cast far, it is a good idea to get the longest on that you can handle. Surf rods can be quite heavy and the heavier ones have more casting and fishing power so again, it is a good idea to buy the best you can.

The amount surf rods bends is considered the action of the rod. If it bends more in the middle, it is considered a slow action rod and can handle multiple hooks because it takes less physical bold to set them in the fish’s mouths. Fast action surf rods tend to only bench near the tip and require a bit more finesse to land your catch.

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