Survival Backpack: 3 Essential Items for Your Bug-Out Bag

Survival Backpack

Be ready for anything with a survival backpack near your door. Whether a hurricane, wildfire, or zombie invasion threatens you at home, you want to have the right gear available to get out quickly and survive for as long as possible in uncomfortable surroundings or the wilderness. A survival backpack can be stocked with plenty of items to help.

These Three Necessary Items Should Be In Every Survival Backpack

  1. Water or the means to make drinkable water. In your backpack, include not only one or two water bottles but also water purification tablets or filter material so you can make water found in streams or lakes healthy enough to drink.
  2. Food or the means to procure food. Every backpack should include nonperishable food that is dense in calories and nutrients. Things like nuts, power bars, and MREs are ideal. If you intend to be in the wilderness for an extended period of time, wire for snares and traps and a book on edible plants will help.
  3. A multitool or survival knife. These items have so many capabilities that will be necessary for comfort, survival, and protection and fit neatly into any survival backpack. Choose one that has a large enough knife to deal with wild animals and include such important tools as a saw, a firestarter, and a compass.

With these three items in your survival backpack, you should be able to survive away from home for any period of time. Of course, there are a multitude of other products that can make your experience more pleasant and safer.

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