Survival Food: Two Types for Survival Success

survival food

When it comes to survival food, there are two different main types. First, if you will need to survive in place, such as in your home, for an extended period of time without electricity or the ability to cook, your survival food will consists of dry goods, packaged food and cans that do not need any heating or refrigeration.

If you want survival food that is suitable in a bug out situation, or something to stash somewhere outside of your home that will be protected at last a long time, you probably want freeze-dried options. After all, canned survival food will be quite heavy to carry around if you have to bring a lot of it with you quickly away from your house.

Survival food can begin with such things as power bars or granola for easy energy with a decent amount of protein. For the long term, food usually means packets and buckets full of meat, vegetables, beans and even grains that can be reconstituted by adding water and cooking over a campfire if possible.

Many survival food kits contain soups, stews and casserole type dishes such as pasta with vegetables or cheesy rice meals with beans. Some include powdered milk, drink mixes and bullion as well, although these are not really substitutes for full meals. Survival food is not all about the taste or how full your belly is. Instead, it is about getting enough calories and nutrients to keep you alive and well.

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