Survival Kit List: What to Bring in an Emergency

Survival Kit List

If you are concerned about emergency preparedness, you need a survival kit list to gather everything together that can help you stay safe and comfortable in case you need to leave your home with short notice. Different people have different reasons to create this type of survival kit list, but what you need to put on it pretty much comes down to the same things.

What does every survival kit list need?

The first thing to worry about when writing down your survival kit list is safety. Things like a compass, high powered flashlight, glow sticks or flares, and a solar charger for your cell phone and GPS are great things to put in the kit. Next, choose things that are necessary for life. These include water purification tablets, a source of warmth such as a mylar emergency blanket, rain poncho, chemical hand warmers, and waterproof matches and a fire striker.

Tools are important on your survival list too. Larger kits may include a hatchet and foldable handsaw, but the minimum should be a survival knife. Some of these even have a compass and other small tools in the handle.

Your survival kit list should contain any medication necessary for health and well-being. Food and water should be included in minimal quantities. With the aforementioned purification tablets and ability to start a fire, most of your sources of water can be made safe enough to drink. A survival kit list should include nonperishable food for a couple of days at least.

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