Survival Knife: 3 Things to Look for When Buying

Survival Knife

When you buy a survival knife, you wanted for a lot more than cutting things. Large blades are great for many different applications, but there are other features that a survival knife should have if you want it to be useful for camping, hiking, or true survival in the wilderness. Read on to learn more about the best features you should look for when buying one.

Must-Have Survival Knife Features

  1. Sharp, Pointed Blade – A survival knife should have a one-aged blade with a sharp point on the end sediment and will cut. The sharp point allows knife to be used as a weapon more readily. It can even be strapped onto a long stick to make the spear for self-defense for hunting. The alternate side of the blade could be flat or serrated.
  2. Full Tang – This means the middle of the night goes all the way back through the handle at full width. This makes for a much stronger knife that can more easily be used for chopping, splitting wood, and other tough tasks. It will also make your knife last a lot longer.
  3. Easy Access, Sturdy Sheath – A quality leather or sturdy synthetic survival knife sheath is necessary to not only have quick access to the knife is needed, but also to carry important accessories like a whetstone. These survival knife sheath should strap to your belt securely and enclose the knife securely.

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