Survival Knives: Stay Safe Outdoors

Survival Knives

Nothing can help you stay prepared for anything in the great outdoors more than dedicated survival knives. Whether you are going on a day hike into the local woods or a longer camping trip through true wilderness, having knives for everyone in the group is a great idea.

Check for local laws about carrying blades, however. It may be necessary to tuck knives away in your backpack instead of wearing them at your belt.

What Makes for Great Survival Knives?

1 – Large, sharp blades are a must on survival knives. Ideally, the blade should have one smooth side and one heavily serrated side that can be used as a wood saw to construct shelter if necessary.

2 – The survival knives should have sturdy sheath and holder to keep it safe and secure when not in use.

3 – Survival knives should come with various tools and materials that will help you stay safe and secure until you can be rescued or make your way back to civilization.

What do These Survival Knives Items Include?

Compass – Many survival knives have a basic compass in the pommel. This can help you keep from getting lost or find your way back home again.

Waterproof matches – Other fire-starting tools such as a magnesium striker or lighter can also work. A magnifying glass can double as a fire starter and part of the first aid kit.

Medical supplies – Bandages, antihistamine, aspirin are all handy parts of knives. Snake bite kits, water purification tablets and a sewing kit can help with more drastic injuries.

Other options for survival knives include a reflective mirror to signal for help, wire line and fish hooks.

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