Survival Tools: Keep the Right on Hand for Emergencies

Survival Tools

Survival tools may refer to a single item that is mostly knife and partially everything else you could possibly need in an emergency, or to a collection of tools that serve the same purpose. Whether you are heading into the backwoods for a long backpacking trip or are concerned about severe weather events at home, the right tools can help you in any emergency give you peace of mind.

Survival Tools: Blades

The most common type of survival tools include blades of some sort. Most are large knives, but hatchets and multi-tools with smaller blades can also be used. Dives can help you defend yourself, your family, and your home or camp. They can shave tinder from tree branches, hack up firewood, or cut cord to tie a tarp into a tent.

Survival Tools: Food and Water

The best survival tools should provide you with some method of getting or accessing food and water. Although some people may consider the corkscrew on a standard Swiss Army knife to be essential for power-out situations, things that help more would include waterproof matches or a striker to make sparks and, ultimately, a fire. Many tools have a hollow handle or case that holds such things as fishhooks, wire for traps, and manual can opener.

Survival Tools: Improve Your Situation

Increased comfort and security are also important things to take into consideration when you are choosing the tools to keep handy. Signaling members, miniature flares, and an emergency whistle are all important tools.

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