benchmade 530 pardue blade

benchmade 530 pardue blade

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The Benchmade 530 Pardue Design Knife: Could It Be Your Next Best Knife?: benchmade 530 pardue blade

Benchmade Pardue 530 Axis

Are you looking for a high quality knife that you can use for multiple purposes? Do you need a knife that works in an ambidextrous way, but still has an effective locking mechanism so you can safely transport it? As you'll see in this Benchmade 530 review, this is the knife that you've been wanting to find!

Weighing just 1.88 ounces, this knife has a low drag, low profile carry that makes it incredibly convenient for a folding knife. It's been slimmed down effectively and the coffin-style handle gives you a firm, yet comfortable and fatigue-free grip. Include the patented AXIS locking system and the performance that this locking knife will provide is simply one of the best that can be found on the market today.

How Good Is the Construction of the 530 S30V?

The mechanisms of this knife are pretty incredible. You can open the knife up with just one hand because of the hardened steel bar that is designed to ride forwards and back and extends to be positioned primarily over the back of the blade, though not in the same way you'd open the Benchmade 42 Balisong. You simply disengage the bar to open it up and when you're ready to lock it down, you simply snap it shut. The tang is then wedged-in thanks to a large stop pin that supports the locking bar. If you liked the Benchmade 710 M390, then you're going to love this knife!

The blade itself is 3.25 inches in length and has a thickness of 0.09 inches. It's been constructed from 154CM stainless steel so tarnishing and corrosion don't become part of the picture. Add in the handle dimensions and you'll have a knife that is 7.42 inches in overall length and when in the locked position, is 4.17 inches long.

As for the coffin-style handle, it is made with Noryl GTX 830 handle scales and comes in a standard black color. The clip for this knife is also black and is designed to be reversible, though it sits best on the right hip. It's a tip-up design that compliments the ultra-slim profile of the knife itself and will securely fasten to wherever you need the knife to be.

How Does the Blade Stand Up?

Even though the blade on this knife is thin, it is still razor sharp liked the Benchmade Barrage 581. You've got options for a partially serrated blade and it comes with a black finish in addition to the standard satin finish. It works extremely well for cutting rope, breaking down moving boxes, and cutting food thanks to the blade's modified spear point. It doesn't work very well for backcountry chores, such as preparing kindling or creating shavings to start a fire.

It's also a bit difficult to sharpen the blade once the edge begins to wear down, much like the Benchmade 940 Osborne. You'll need to really clamp down on the blade because it tends to slip out of a grip thanks to its tapered edge. If you're using a honing steel, you can maintain the blade pretty well. The diamond cutting edge products are not recommended because you'll change the shape of the blade and that can change how it is able to lock while in the folded position.

If you're looking for a knife that has the ability to get basic tasks completed, but is still strong enough to do difficult work in a pinch, then this Benchmade 530 Pardue AXIS review concludes that this is an excellent knife and worth the investment. It might not be an all-in-one option, but it will take care most primary chores that you have in the outdoors.

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