Fishing Reels: How to Clean Your After a Day on the Water

Fishing Reels

Algae, weeds, fish slime and scales, and salt water to all work together to make your fishing reels dirty and effect their operation negatively as well. Every time you come home from a fishing expedition, you should clean your reels and allow them to dry completely before you put them away. There are two main ways to clean reels: a quick job suitable for maintenance after a short fishing excursion and a deep cleaning if your reel ended up in the water or dirt.

Quick Clean Tips for Fishing Reels

Keep the fishing reels upright and spray them with a light mist of water from the hose or in the sink. This gets all saltwater and any residue from the day by the lake or river. Use a soft toothbrush or similar to brush away sand or other debris. This is also a good time to rewind your fishing line or replace it.

Deep Cleaning Tips for Fishing Reels

If your fishing reels became submerged, fell in the dirt, or they just haven’t been given a good deep cleaning for a while, you need to take it apart and check every piece. Stay organized and arrange the pieces carefully so you do not lose anything. Clean gears and other moving parts carefully and re-lubricate them before you put the reels back together.

Every other part of the inside should be cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Finish up with a tiny drop of oil on bearings and casting breaks for each of your fishing reels.

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