Fly Rods: How to Maintain to Catch More Fish

Fly Rods

There is no guarantee you would catch more fish with properly maintained fly rods, but if you do fail to clean and take care of them, they will break much more quickly or not work as smoothly and your fishing trip will be negatively affected. Read on to learn how to maintain your fly rods if you want them to last a very long time.

Clean the Fly Rods Regularly

Ideally, fly rods should be cleaned every time you come home from the river. First, brush off all loose debris such as sand or dried weeds. Next, use clean water and a mild detergent to wash down the entire length of the rods.

The cork grip or handle may need extra attention and a stronger detergent. This is because of the natural sweats and oils in your hand and things such as sunscreen soaking into the cork over time.

Three Quick Steps to Your Fly Rod’s Maintenance

For regular maintenance and deep cleaning of your fly rods, follow these three quick steps after a few trips.

1 – Use the above easy cleaning regimen to begin.

2 – Use furniture polish or some similar liquid to clean the rods themselves. Clean metal attachments and ferrules first with a dab of alcohol and then with any lubricant recommended by the manufacturer of the rods.

3 – Check all line guides for damage or wear by pulling a narrow piece of cloth to each and checking for any snacks. These can be repaired with a quick brush of fine-gauge sandpaper.

As long as you treat them well and follow the above maintenance procedure, your fly rods will give you years of pleasure going after the biggest catch.

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