The Gerber LHR Knife: A Combat Knife That is Perfect For Survival

gerber lhr combat knife

gerber lhr combat knife

Lhr survival knife

Are you looking for a high quality survival knife that will be reliable in virtually any situation? The Gerber LHR knife isn’t one of the small knives that tries to pretend like it can run with the big boys. This is one hefty knife that is tough enough to tackle any environment! Designed to assist in hand-to-hand combat situations, this American-made knife is going to become your favorite tool to use.

Weighing 11.2 ounces, the LHR features a blade that is 5.5 millimeters thick so it will be a solid blade that still carries well. It’s a low profile carry that stores securely within its sheath and has a reasonably slim design that won’t cause fatigue where you place it to carry.

How Is the Construction of LHR Survival Knife?

gerber lhr combat knife sheath

Gerber LHR combat knife sheath

The sheath design of this knife beats the Gerber Mark 2 every single time. It’s a lower profile blade as well, which makes it easier to control with one hand. It operates through a friction thumb mechanism at the back of the sheath and all you’ve got to do is take off the handle snap and then press down as you pull the knife out. This prevents the knife from being used against you in a combat situation and keeps the knife on you while you’re out on a hike.

gerber lhr combat knife bladeThe Gerber LHR combat knife has a blade that is 6.87 inches long and the knife itself has a total length of 12.5 inches. It has a full tang construction that gives it a nice balance while the 440C stainless steel a and its ceramic coating that makes up the blade gives it a level of durability that other knives just don’t have. The full tang gives the knife its added heft and provides a better measure of strength as well and it has a hand guard in the design that is made from stainless steel as well.

gerber lhr combat knife handleThe TacHide handle is designed to be ergonomic, but that really just means that it fits into your hand comfortably. The contoured finger cut outs help to secure the grip and with the flair near the base of the handle, it won’t shift much at all. The tang is made from rubber and there are texture grips that have been molded into the handle for added traction. There are pin studs for the tang in the handle, but they don’t affect the grip.

This Discontinued Knife Is One You’re Going to Want!

Although this review is of a knife that isn’t in production any more, the LHR is a solid knife that you absolutely need in your collection. It has a better size than the Gerber Paraframe 2 and the partially serrated blade near the handle gives you some added versatility.

There is less of a serrated portion of the blade on the LHR, however, when compared to the Gerber Prodigy. With a black finish, this combat knife will take on any outdoor task you have or help you clean an animal effectively once you’ve bagged your quota.

Because the blade is reasonably thick, the LHR can be honed or sharpened easily when the need arises. The ceramic coating does make this task difficult from a visual aspect, however, because it will eventually scratch or wear off. It won’t affect the sharpness of the blade when this happens though.

With a better grip than the Gerber Paracord and strength that is virtually unmatched, the LHR is the one knife that everyone should own. If you can find one for sale and it fits into your budget, do not hesitate to pick up this useful tool.

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