The Gerber LMF II Asek: Could It Be the Best Survival Knife On the Market?

gerber lmf ii asek

gerber lmf ii asekAre you looking for a solid survival knife? Do you need something that will be versatile enough to accomplish several different tasks if needed? Designed by Jeff Freeman, the Gerber LMF 2 Asek is a solid survival knife that will become your go-to tool. It’s been field-tested in military applications and is tough enough to cut through a fuselage!

Weighing 11.67 ounces without the sheath and just over 24 ounces when in the sheath, this drop point style knife has the feeling of the Gerber Paraframe at first glance, but the grip is just a bit more solid. It’s a stout, compact knife that has a low profile and the sheath has a built-in sharpener that makes sure you’ve got an optimum blade. It’s also MOLLE compatible.

This Gerber LMF II Asek Review Looks At the Fine Details!

The flexibility of this infantry knife might just be its greatest strength. The design includes lashing holes so that the LMF II can be used as a spear if need be. It’s infrared resistant and rugged so that it can truly be used as a survival tool. There are 2 leg straps included as well so that you can place the Asek where it is most comfortable. You just place it into the sheath and attach it. Pull it out when you need the tool!

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The blade is 4.84 inches in length and is composed of 420C stainless steel. Add in the handle dimensions and you’ll find that the LMF II Asek is 10.59 inches in total length. It’s resistant to tarnishing or corrosion, even under heavy use, and the serrated blade will make short work of most outdoor chores. It’s a fine edge, much like what you’d find on the Gerber STL 2.0.

The handle of this knife is made from a glass-filled nylon. It has a TPV overmold and a military gray or tan finish. The handle is textured to prevent slippage and the design, though not as ergonomic as the Gerber Swagger, will still provide a solid grip with every use. It’s also designed to absorb shocks within the handle so your grip won’t fatigue with use either.

Lmf II infantry knife

Lmf II infantry knife

How Good Is the Blade of This Knife?

gerber lmf ii asek bladeThis Gerber LMF II infantry knife review took a look at all of the major expected applications that the knife would be used and it passed with flying colors. It will slice through a seat belt in no time at all and any household chore, like cutting a nylon strap, takes a quick flick of the wrist. It won’t store in your pocket like the Geber EAB, but it definitely works the way it should with a minimal amount of interference.

gerber lmf ii asek handleThe one true benefit of the LMF II Asek is that the butt cap and handle are insulated and do not conduct electricity. The straps are a bit tight, but they can be stretched out over the course of the day to make them more comfortable. It does help to add a bit of oil on the inside of the sheath tongue to limit the friction that occurs during the extraction of the knife.

This tactical knife will make a solid addition to your collection. It’s a useful tool that a good amount of versatility and will give you a reliable experience in what could be a difficult situation. Strong enough to handle the outdoors or a combat situation, you’ll find that your difficult chores will become a lot easier with the LMF II Asek.

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