The Gerber Paraframe Knife: Great Things Come In Small Packages

Gerber Paraframe Knife

Gerber Paraframe Knife

Gerber Paraframe 2

Are you looking for a solid pocket knife that will be easy to clean and carry? Do you want a knife that is lightweight, but still capable of doing some heavy duty work? With this Gerber Paraframe knife review, you’ll find the options you want for a solid knife. If you’re ready for something that is lightweight, but still offers a fine point for that one critical moment you might be facing, then these are the knives to consider.

Which Paraframe Knife is Right For You?

This review starts with the Gerber Paraframe 1. This knife has a smooth stainless steel finish and an open frame that makes a simple design look beautiful. The minimal frame lock design is complimented by a clip point blade that is made from high carbon stainless steel.

The blade is 3.01 inches long and when the folding knife is fully extended, the overall length is 7.01 inches. Weighing in at just 2.6 ounces, it will easily fit into a pocket without a sheath like the Gerber Guardian. You will need two hands, however, to unlock this blade.

If you’re looking for an upgraded option, then the Gerber Paraframe Tanto might be a better option for you. The blade length is a little longer at 3.5 inches and the overall length is a bit more than the Paraframe 1 at 8.13 inches. It’s a tanto-style blade like the Gerber Remix Tactical, but with a bit more heft.

Gerber Paraframe Knife handleThe Tanto still just weighs just 4.3 ounces, however, and the true balance of the knife comes from the open frame cast metal handle that provides a stealth finish and a secure result thanks to the bomber frame lock.

Do You Want a Knife That Makes a Difference?

In this Gerber Paraframe 2 Tanto review, we really loved the fact that the fine details of craftsmanship were focused on in the creation of this knife. It offers twin knurled thumb studs so that the knife can be quickly and easily engaged. It and the Paraframe 1 come with a good pocket clip so that you will always have your preferred Paraframe right where you need it.

Gerber Paraframe Knife bladeThe Tanto offers a black titanium nitride-coated blade, similar to the Gerber Covert that helps to reduce glare or reflections and provides a better defense against corrosion than the Paraframe 1. Both knives will cut through nylon rope and other stubborn materials and they do well to slice, puncture, or perform detailed work when necessary. It isn’t your all-in-one survival knife like the Gerber LMF II Asek, but it will get a lot of the work you need to get done finished fast.

If you’re looking for an affordable knife that you can rely upon, then the Paraframe series by Gerber is an excellent option to consider. Lightweight, strong, and visually stunning, you’ll get a solidly balanced experience with every use.

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