Travel Bags: Top 3 Styles

Travel Bags

Travel bags have become much more popular as the only piece of luggage brought on trips in recent years. This is partially due to extra baggage fees and the convenience of being able to carry all of your gear in one bag. Whether you need carry-on luggage for a plane trip, something to throw in the trunk of your car for a few days away at a hotel, or a convenient case to take on an overnight excursion, there are travel bags that are perfect for you.

What are the three main types of travel bags used today?

Totes and Duffels – Tote bags and duffel bags have become much more common as travel bags these days because they are convenient and easy to carry. With proper closures and sturdy materials, they can stand up to many different activities with ease. These bags can also carry quite a bit more than it seems.

Rectangular Wheeled Luggage – Perhaps the most popular type of travel bags is a hard or soft sided rectangular piece of luggage often on wheels with a handle. These can be seen being pulled behind hurrying travelers in airports, train stations, and bus depots all around the world. They offer a bit more protection than soft totes or backpacks, and wheeling these bags is much easier on the back then carrying them.

Backpacks – Convenient to carry, comfortable to wear, and hold quite a bit of gear, backpacks have become quite popular travel bags. Most of them are also small enough to carry on to airplanes and stow easily under seats.

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