Trout Bait: Choose the Right for Big Catches on the River

Trout Bait

Whether you are heading off to a wild river or fishing in a local stocked waterway, you still need to right trout bait to have a successful day of catching fish. Although many anglers will argue about which is the best bait to use, there are multiple options in both live bait and lures to consider.

Live or Food Trout Bait Recommendations

The best way to figure out which trout bait to use is to look at what lives in the river. Minnows, worms such as night crawlers and small crayfish are excellent options. You can buy this bait from a local shop or collect your own if you’re patient.

Other great bait options come from the grocery store. Canned corn kernels top the list with balls of cheese also mentioned as an option.

Lure Trout Bait Recommendations

If you prefer to use a manufactured lure as trout bait, ones with silver spoons seem to attract the most fish attention. Small sized spinners help the fish see the lure and go after it readily. Many fishermen suggest the Panther Martin reflective lures or the Yakima rooster bait with feather tail concealing the hooks.

Every fishing fan has a different story about what the best bait to use is. Listen, read and learn and then try out several for yourself. Soon the right trout bait will have you catching big every time you head out to the water.

Photo Gallery of the Trout Bait: Choose the Right for Big Catches on the River


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