Water Filtration in Wilderness Keeps You Healthy on the Trail

Water Filtration

The last thing you want to do when hiking or camping in the wilderness is drink from a stream or a pond without water filtration. This can lead to illness and severe digestive complaints that will ruin your entire trip. Luckily, staying healthy on the trail is easy with these three types of filtration kits.

1 – Tube-style Water Filtration

Sometimes called water filtration straws, these devices are convenient to carry and easy to use. The filter material inside cleans most water and makes it safe to drink. Simply put the end in the stream and suck on the other end and clean water will flow into your mouth.

2 – Canister or Bottle Water Filtration

A slightly larger and more extensive water filtration system includes a canister or bottle and a pump. The canister holds various filter materials like activated charcoal. Put a tube into the stream, pump the handle, and clean water will flow out the other end into your canteen or bottle.

3 – Water Filtration Inserts

Also available are small devices that you drop directly into a bottle before you fill it with water from a natural source. Supposedly, you can shake the water and swirl it around and dangerous microbes and such will be killed rendering the water safe to drink.

With these different forms of filtration tools available, there should be no excuse for unpleasant side effects of drinking directly from a stream or pond in the woods.

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